Dr Edward Adrian Wilson was born in Cheltenham, and was a leading member of Captain Scott's two National Antarctic Expeditions of 1901-4 and 1910-13.

His work was especially significant in recording for the first time the landscapes of a then largely unknown continent. Watercolours 1) and 2) were painted in July and August 1910 during the journey south to Antarctica. 3) is undated, but is likely to have been completed between the two expeditions, and has been identified as Antarctica's Royal Society Ranges, with Mount Lister. 4) is also undated and has been tentatively identified as a view of Hut Point in Antarctica.


1) and 2) Frank Wilson (artist's cousin), 1910; his son, John Wilson; his daughter, Mrs Susan Eatwell. 3) and 4) Mrs Susan Eatwell.

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