A series of 1379 prints and drawings, mainly colour prints by William Dickes (1815-1842), to illustrate the history of colour printing.

Subjects various - Biblical, natural history etc. Mostly published as book illustrations. It includes 1) an illustration by William Dickes to the 'Bride of Lammermoor' by Sir Walter Scott depicting a man bending over to stoke a fire while a young boy seated on a stall looks on (main illustration); 2) 'Happy as a King' after William Collins depicting a young children playing with a gate in a woodland setting. It was an illustration from 'the People's Magazine'; 3) 'The Writing Lesson' depicting two children leaning on a table looking intently at their teacher, illustrated in 'The Young Englishwoman' and 4) 'The Fisherman's Pride' by William Dickes depicting a woman with a basket over her shoulder embracing her child who stands on a wooden ledge strewn with fishing nets.

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