1) 'Sunday, cathedral steps' by Sir Muirhead Bone; 2) 'Una' by Gerald Brockhurst; 3) 'The everlasting hills' by Sir DY Cameron; 4) 'Esplanade, Dover, evening' by Charles Cheston; 5-6) 'Winchester Road, Bromley' and 'En famille' by Francis Dodd; 7) 'Martigues, Provence' by Robert Flint; 8) 'Sidlaw Hills, morning' by Charles Holmes; 9) 'Low tide, Pelican Stairs' by Norman Janes; 10) 'Girl's head' by Eric Kennington; 11) 'Earl Balfour' by William Rothenstein; 12) 'Piazza Cavour, Genova' by Henry Rushbury; 13) 'The old rocksalter' by Edmund Joseph Sullivan; 14) 'St.

Olave's, Southwark' by William Washington. The pictures were chosen and purchased by the Art Fund on behalf of a kindred society, the Queensland Art Collections Fund.

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