Moran was born in Bolton in 1837 and emigrated to America in 1844.

During his lifetime he became one of the most influential 19th-century American painters. Moran retained links with Britain, and specifically Bolton, throughout his life. Strongly influenced by Turner and other British landscape artists, Moran sought to establish a reputation in Britain bringing an exhibition of his works, including Nearing Camp, Evening on the Upper Colorado River, to Bolton and London in 1882. The Green River (also referred to as the Upper Colorado River) was a motif Moran returned to regularly throughout his career, with the variations he produced selling well into the 20th century. Moran's Green River paintings presented the public with a highly romantic vision of the American West. with dramatic cliffs overpowering the Indians on horseback that he often included.


Reported to have descended through the Morgan family from around 1900.

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