The hoard consists of 184 coins: one gold solidus, 175 silver siliquae; and 8 silver miliarenses.

The coins are all in good condition and demonstrate the range of late Roman numismatic art. Among them are relatively rare specimens, notably the gold solidus of Valentinian I, the group of 8 miliarenses ,and the 2 siliquae of the emperor Jovian. Emperors represented are: Constantius II (50 coins), Julian as Caesar (4), Julian as Augustus (12), Jovian (2), Valentinian I (7), and Valens (9). The mints of Arles and Lyons account for 82 and 75 coins respectively; a further 9 can be attributed to the mint at Trier, 6 to Rome and 3 to Thessalonica.


Found at Little Smeaton and declared Treasure.

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