Nolde was born in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany and then moved to Utenwarf near Ruttebull.

He was made a Danish citizen when the area was placed within the boundaries of Denmark in 1920. The production of Wikinger is interesting from two points of view: the execution and the subject matter. The use of etching and aquatint echoes many of Nolde's watercolours, producing a softer and richer image in comparison with his woodcuts. He would often re-work the image by adding further marks, sometimes even using his hands to achieve the richness and added texture as seen in Wikinger. The subject matter is of note considering his change of citizenship. Nolde has avoided depicting the Anglo-Saxon stereotype of an aggressive warrior race, choosing to show instead a sensitive image of an old Viking.


Galleria Henza, Italy, July 1989.

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