30 Etchings - Barts; Barge Builders; Theatre of Marcellus; Geneva; Sienna; Dumfries; Rouen; Advocates Close, Edinburgh; Tours; Roslyn; ST Andrews; Limoges; Church of the Three Kings, St Emilion; Glasgow Gateway; St Hilaire; Porte Cadenne; Amboise; Sospel Old Bridge; Rouen; Bourges; Troyes; House of Columbus; Ponte de Marie; St Etienne; Cour de Corbeau; Campo SS Gionvani and Paulo; Via de Lanzi, Florence; St Etienne; Strasburg; Poti Vecchio, Florence.

Part of a gift to 62 museums by Hedley Fitton through the Art Fund in 1939.


Hedley Fitton

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