8 items of Chinese and Japanese origin: 1) brush pot of 'three-colour' stoneware with squirrels and grape vine in relief, Ming period, 18th century; 2) white hexagonal incense burner, Chinese, Fukien, 17th or 18th century; 3) stoneware square bowl or jardiniere, Chinese, Ch'ien Lung period; 4) stem cup decorated with birds, Japanese, late 18th century; 5) small bowl, white with fret-cut decoration, Ming period, 17th century; 6) white vase decorated with dragon, Chinese; 7) carving in nephrite, 'A Fanciful Monster', Chinese, with wooden stand; 8) carved phoenix in nephrite, Chinese, 18th century.

Items 7) and 8) unlocated according to 2004 audit. Museum records accession of additional items as part of this bequest according to 2004 audit: cup and saucer; porcelain bottle; saucer dish; porcelain bowl; two small bowls.

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