These four communion cups were made for the High Church of Paisley in 1758 by the Glasgow goldsmith David Warnock.

All are very similar in design, with a deep, plain bowl with slightly sloping sides and a slightly everted rim. They sit on a baluster stem which in turn rises from a wide, stepped concave foot. A distinguishing feature seems to be that Warnock's marks, the town marks, and the 'S' appear on the underside of the bowl rather than on the foot or the rim. The Paisley cups are engraved with a dedicatory inscription, 'Lord Let Paisley flourish through the preaching of Thy Word'. Also engraved are the names of the four donors, one on each of the four cups. After each name the following words are inscribed, 'This gift to the High Kirk of Paisley, 1758'.


High Church of Paisley.

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