Seven panels, trefoiled top.

They originally formed the back of an altarpiece painted for the Church of San Francesco at Borgo Sansepolero together with one other in the Chantilly Museum. 1: St Francis and the Beggar and the Dream of St Francis; 2: St Francis Renouncing his Heritage; 3: St Francis and the Conversion of the Wolf of Gubbio; 4: St Francis before the Soldan; 5: St Francis before the Pope; 6: St Francis Receiving Stigmata; 7: The Funeral of St Francis.


Church San Francesco, altarpiece dismembered in 1752, but remained in the church till bought by Cav. Sergiuliani of Arezzo, 1810; collection of the Abate Angelucci, 1819; Demidoff coll, Florence, 1837; 1840 Chantilly panel purchased; remaining 6 to Chalan

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