Following his early work in a lush Romantic idiom, Brown revolutionised his style under the influence of Holbein, the early Italians, and the modern Nazarene school, proceeding to develop what he called his 'Early Christian' style.

This modello reveals a debt to the Nazarenes in their balanced compositions and purity of line, while the medieval furnishings were based on designs by Pugin. Brown's anxiety to create an English version of the Nazarene style is reflected in his choice of themes. Wycliffe celebrated the dawn of the English Reformation in sharp contrast to the Nazarenes' glorification in their Catholic heritage. Brown also went beyond the Nazarenes in his interest in the effects of light and nature. The gallery also has the painting of the same name in its collection.


Bought by W.H.Davies 1890 and sold by Phillips 20 May 1980

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