This collection was part of the Walter Sedgwick collection and includes; 1) a jade and turquoise small figure of a man; 2) a jade and turquoise toad; 3) a Pre-Sung T'ang dish on 3 feet; 4) a Pre-Sung oviform jar; 5) a Sung Ying-ch'ing bowl; 6) a small Sung Hang Chou bowl and 7) a Sung Northern Celedon bowl.

Mrs Walter Sedgwick was one of the collectors of Chinese bronzes, ceramics, jades, and sculpture who helped to make London the leading centre for the study and appreciation of Chinese art in the 1930s. Several of these collectors did not survive the war and others ceased to add significantly to their collections, but Mrs Sedgwick continued to buy with courage, judgment, and discrimination up to the last year of her life in 1967. She bequeathed the part of this valuable collection that had been acquired in her husband's lifetime, before the end of 1950. In total, 118 works were bequeathed to seven museums through the Art Fund in 1968.


Mrs walter Sedgwick

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