1) Stater of Lindus, circa 500-480 BC; 2-4) Electrum hecte of Lesbos, 460-350 BC; 5) Tetradrachm of Heracleia ad Latmum, circa 160-150 BC; 6) Tetradrachm of Tryphon, King of Syria, 142-139 BC; 7) Tetradrachm of Sinatruces, Arsacid monarchy, Parthia, circa 86-70 BC; 8-9) Tetradrachm and drachm of unidentified king, circa AD 50; 10-11) Two drachm of Kings of Bactria, Antimachus, circa 180 BC and Eucratides, after 170 BC.


R.C.Lockett Collection

Exhibitions at Fitzwilliam Museum

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