Silver tetradrachm of Syracuse, circa 479 BC, inscribed with a charioteer, Nike, a lin, the head of Arethusa and four dolphins. closely resembles the Deareteion; 2.Silver tetradrachm of Naxos, circa 450 BC, inscibed with head of Dionysus and a squatting satyr; 3. Silver tetradrachm of Catana, circa 405 BC, with frontal head of Apollo, and a four horse chariot with Nike signed by the artist Herakleidas; 4. Silver tetradrachm of Rhegium, circa 400 BC, with lion's scalp facing, head of Apollo and sprig of olive. 5. Silver decadrachm of Carthage, early 3rd century BC, with head of goddess and Pegasus in flight, and Punic legend.


R.C. Lockett.

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