Among the twelve manuscripts purchased from the Holkham Library, the three produced in the 14th century are of outstanding artistic merit: 1) the English Bible Picture-Book; 2) the copy of Aristotle's Secreta Secrerorum written and illuminated for presentation to King Edward III; 3) the great Italian Bible which once formed part of the Library of the Anti-Pope Clement VII (elected 1378).

The Bible Picture-Book is a treasure comparable to the Luttrell Psalter, ArtFunded in xxx. It consists of 42 leaves, filled with three distinct series of Biblical scenes - (a) the Old Testament from the Creation to the Flood; (b) the Life of Christ, and (c) the Fifteen Signs preceding the Last Judgment, based on some lost Apocalypse.


From the Library of the Earls of Leicester at Holkham Hall, founded in the 16th century by Sir Edward Coke, and greatly augmented by Thomas Coke, 1st Earl.

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