This is the final cartoon for a window, designed by John Piper and made by Patrick Reyntiens which was installed in 1981 in the new gallery of the Devizes Museum.

Piper was a member of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, which administers the Museum, and his feeling for the Wiltshire landscape is expressed in many of his works. The window includes many well-known local archaeological monuments, including the stone avenue at Avebury, Barbury Castle hill fort, the Ridgeway, 'Devils Den' (the chambered comb at Preshute), and the Cherhill White Horse, together with the great 'Stonehenge Urn', the amber necklace from 'Golden Barrow' at Upton Lovell, and other items in the Devizes Museum's collection. The tuberous thistle, which is indigenous to Wiltshire, is depicted in the lower left corner.


John Piper.

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