Series of prints and drawings selected from the collection of the Royal College of music and consists of portraits of musicians.

344 engraved portraits, 64 miscellaneous prints and 5 drawings. Includes 1) Acis and Galatae spied on by Polyphemus hiding behind a tree by Francois Boucher (632); 2) Bacchus and Ariadne by Francois Boucher; 2) Miniature portrait of André Ernest Madeste Grétry by Gonet; 3) Miniature portrait of Pasquale Anfossi by Gonet; 5) Mr Tenduci by T Bastin; 6) Gustavus Waltz after Philip Elias Hauck; 7) Portrait of Felice Giardini after Reynolds; 8) Bill-head for the benefit of Mr Jones, print by Francesco Bartolozzi; 9) Palestrina kneeling and presenting a printed score of his five Masses to Pope Julius III by Thomas Hodgson;10) Man playing flute by anonymous French artist; 11) Joseph Haydn by Thomas Hardy; 12) Portrait of Paganini playing his violin. c.1831 after John Kendrick ; 13) Nude with Cupid by Gilles Demarteau after Boucher; 14) Le Soir after Johann Daniel Preisler; 15) Old woman eating soup published by Jaspar de Isaac and 16) portrait of the violinist Giovanni Battista Viotti by an unknown English artist.


From the collection of the Royal College of Music.

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