Canadian-Irish artist Ciara Phillips is best known for her work exploring the political and community-based history of printmaking.

These two screenprints are based on photographs of the artist’s hands. In Eros and Psyche, Phillips’ left hand is shown wearing a replica of an ancient Greek ring depicting the two lovers. Make it Last shows her right hand, also wearing rings. Phillips has said that the titles of the works refer to ‘the sensuous aspect of touch and allude to experiences with and connections to other people’.

The prints have gained added meaning since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. During this time hands have been seen as a source of comfort, but also of contamination.

Phillips studied fine art at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, and at the Glasgow School of Art. Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2014, she now lives and works in Glasgow.

The University of Stirling Art Collection has strong modern and contemporary holdings, with a focus on works by artists born or based in Scotland, or working on Scottish themes.


These works were made on a residency at Trykkeriet in Bergen in August/September 2018. They were developed as part of a larger body of work including woodcuts, relief prints and other screenprints. Printed on Somerset Satin 300gm paper with Lascaux screen

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