These 46 photographs of different aspects of Guernsey’s landscape and culture are part of a set of 56 pictures taken by Mark Power on a series of visits to the island between 2017 and 2018.

The pictures are the result of a commission from the Guernsey Photography Festival and Guernsey Museums.

Power, who is an acclaimed photographer and member of the Magnum Photos agency, took the pictures over a series of long walks criss-crossing the island. His aim, he has said, was to capture a different side of Guernsey to the stereotypical scenes of blue skies and perfect beaches.

In Power’s photographs we often see more rundown areas of the island, together with scenes which hint at a darker, more sinister side to life there. The series title, Terre à l’Amende, comes from the profusion of signs which give notice of private land with fines for trespassing. However, humour and beauty are also present in Power’s alternative view.

The artist-in-residence scheme has been run by Guernsey Photography Festival and Guernsey Museums since 2012. In exchange for taking part, each photographer donates a minimum of 10 pictures to the collection. The addition of these 46 photographs now completes the set of 56 Terre à l’Amende images held by Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery.


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