An ebony cabinet and other objects relating to the history of Milford House, 1700-1900.

Milford House, close to Armagh, was home to the wealthy linen manufacturing McCrum family (including William McCrum, who invented the penalty-kick rule in football). The McCrums lost their fortune in the Wall Street Crash and the contents of the house were sold in 1930. The house is currently in need of restoration and a museum devoted to the building and its history is now open in Armagh. This group of objects, comprising an ebony cabinet in the style of André Boulle, an 18th-century ginger jar (pictured), a brass fish kettle and a 1776 silver soup ladle, all have strong provenance to Milford House and now join the museum’s collection.


Sold at the auction of the contents of Milford House, November 1930; Kathleen Clendinning, 1930; by descent to Ann Walter

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