Hilary Lloyd is a celebrated artist known for her work exploring the language and process of filmmaking.

Lloyd exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2003 and was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2011. She trained in painting at Newcastle Polytechnic and her painterly concerns can be seen in the work she makes using both photography and film. Movie is an installation comprising a single-screen projected image (also called Movie) and other more sculptural elements. The film features raw and edited video footage which shifts between subject, perspective and speeds. Among the subjects are flowers, foliage, buildings, street lights and other textures of the city. In its deliberately low-tech and fragmentary way it alludes to both the origins and history of film.
The other elements in the installation, such as the display systems and hanging curtains, also draw the viewers’ attention to the acts of watching and engaging with the medium of film. Movie now joins the growing body of work by contemporary artists in the collection of Leeds Art Gallery.


The artist.

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