This newly commissioned work is a collaboration between the Australian artist Sue Ryan and the indigenous artist Ricardo Idagi.

Ghost net is the name given to abandoned fishing materials found in the sea off the coast of northern Queensland. Ghost net sculpture made with these found materials is a recognised indigenous art. This new piece will be made within these traditions, but in way which translates them to create a contemporary interpretation of indigenous culture. Ryan has chosen to work with Idagi, an award-winning artist and Torres Strait Islander. As a starting point for the sculpture, Idagi has proposed the Mer Island Geigi myth about a boy who becomes a big fish. Other indigenous people will be invited to take part in making the 4.5m sculpture of a green sawfish. Glasgow Museums holds a historic collection of cultural material from the Torres Strait. This new commission will add a contemporary piece to the collection, as well as raising awareness of marine pollution and the culture of the indigenous Torres Strait people.

Artists include


The work is a unique commission undertaken specifically for Glasgow Museums

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