This collection of 17 modern and contemporary British sculptures represents some of the country’s most significant and influential artists.

It includes work by renowned sculptors Lynn Chadwick, Sir Jacob Epstein, Elisabeth Frink and Sophie Ryder, who between them played a key role in shaping the development of British art in the 20th century. One of the most important works in the collection is Epstein’s Fifth Portrait of Kathleen (1935), a striking bronze sculpture of the artist’s lover, muse and future wife. Epstein was born in America before moving to Europe in 1902 and became a British citizen in 1911. A controversial figure, Epstein rebelled against the notion that art should be pretty, instead creating vigorous, rough-hewn works that were considered shocking for their realism. This bust is an unflinchingly naturalistic depiction of Kathleen Garman, whom Epstein met while married to his first wife Margaret (née Dunlop). Other highlights include Frink’s Horse and Rider (1950), an early equestrian sculpture based on her ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ series; and Chadwick’s Pair of Sitting Figures V (1973), a strong example of the seated couple motif that featured throughout his career. Donated by Joan Hurst through the Art Fund, the sculptures are the first major gift to the Woking gallery, which won the Art Fund Prize in 2008. The Joan Hurst gift complements the Ingram Collection, a group of over 400 works by 20th-century British artists on long-term loan to The Lightbox, cementing the gallery’s growing reputation as a centre of modern British art.

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