London-based artist Alice Channer works across a range of media, exploring concepts of the body and its relationship with dress.

ChannerÂ’s work originally focused on 20th-century and contemporary fashion, but recently her work has expanded its exploration to encompass classical clothing and drapery, opening a dialogue with historical sculpture. In Amphibians, polished steel forms are overlaid with aluminium casts of cheap clothing and rods of marble carved with the profiles of ChannerÂ’s limbs. Hanging the full height of the gallery, Smooth Metal Body features the image of a classical sculpture printed on silk crepe. The third work acquired, Maxi, Mini, Midi, Midi, Midi (Mauve and Cream), hangs aluminium casts of leggings hung from the wall as abstract forms. These are the first works by Channer to enter the Arts Council Collection.


The artist.

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