Gefeller's work has developed out of an understanding of the ability of digitalisation to depict a changing sense of reality which offers perspectives, scenes and images of our cities and urban environment which are far beyond historic and ordinary optical occurances.

The 7 works from the Space View series uses modified satellite images of urban agglomerations which offer a view of the cities of the world from the orbital perspective. The images give an impression of the colonisation of our planet. Brightly illuminated, they enable us to define our city centres and lit streets through our use of several different types of artificial light. The 3 works from the Space series uses the artificial lighting from our towns and cities and turns them into an ephemeral wonderland. They bear a resemblance to delicate drawings or watercolours and oscillate between documentation and construction. Excessively overexposed photographs of building façades, motorway intersections, container terminals and refineries reveal vast faded areas. Birmingham and Walsall art galleries are working together to build up a collection exploring the metropolis and urban environment under the Art Fund International scheme. Presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.


The artist.

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