The Slovakian artist Roman Ondák is known for producing work in a diverse range of media including photography, drawing, sculpture, installation and performance.

Typically his work consists of sculptural interventions or performances that are either re-enacted or exhibited as the documentary record of an event. His works are sometimes the result of imaginative and deliberately futile attempts to raise awareness to social and political questions and humour is a common and important characteristic of his work, as is the use of the language and media of conceptual art. This performance piece involves museum attendants arranged in order of age, from the youngest to the oldest, as the visitor passes through the building. Ondak has explained 'We usually pass by all guards almost without noticing them. I wanted to employ younger and older ones than usual average is and then arrange them in order of age from youngest to the oldest as the visitor passes through the exhibition. You get thirty minutes older during your visit of the show but there are those people, representing unnoticed guard, passing nearly a lifetime.'


The artist.

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