Finch is an American artist known for exhibiting watercolour paintings or light installations that attempt to document the tones and colours of light.

Usually his artworks are formally abstract in appearance but their titles reveal his intentions, for example in this case, to record the colours of sunlight falling on a wall in an empty room. To make these works Finch uses scientific instruments to record colours and levels of light. He demonstrates an acute awareness of artists that have carried out similar studies in the past and texts on his work have drawn-out comparisons to, for example, Monet's studies of Rouen cathedral or Dan Flavin's fluorescent light sculptures. This work was included in Finch's first ever exhibition in Glasgow and complements works by Glasgow based artists such as Christine Borland or Simon Starling. Finch has exhibited in similar exhibitions and venues to these artists and he demonstrates a similar interest in research-led practice and a use of 'documentary media'. Like Starling or Borland this often involves scientific experimentation and a reference to historical precedents. This work was presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International. Finch's interests, his observations, references and subjects of his work, are shared by artists that Glasgow have already purchased through the Art Fund International scheme such as Roni Horn.


The artist.

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