These 12 photographs form part of the Art Fund Collection of Middle Eastern Photography.

This is an Art Fund initiative for the British Museum and V&A and the broad aim is to create a world-class capsule collection of major names and emerging talents in photography from the Middle East (whether living in the region or in diaspora), from 1900 to today. The Art Fund has given the two museums grants over £150,000 for the collection and additional support for the tour of the collection. Nabil is an Egyptian photographer whose work is an innovative combination of contemporary black and white photography and the traditional technique of hand coloured photography. He has established himself at the forefront of contemporary photography in the Arab world and beyond with a number of iconic images of Tracey Emin, Natasha Atlas and others. This set of photographs shows Yemenis living in Britain and was exhibited at the Baltic in 2008 in the show 'Last of the Dictionary Men'.

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