These are from a group of six casters that form part of a silver centrepiece which has been in the collection since 1995.

The centrepiece is one of the Museum's most important pieces of silver. It is the earliest known London-made example of a baroque surtout de table, and is exquisitely chased and engraved in the Huguenot style. The two taller central casters were sold in 1985, it is hoped that they too may eventually be reunited with the rest of the centrepiece. This would reassemble a unique object of great importance to the public's understanding of the evolution of English table silver during the first half of the eighteenth century.


Probably John Williams (d. 1738) or Hugh Williams (1694-1742; John Williams (1700-1787); by descent to Sir John Williams, 1st baronet (1761-1830); sold by Sir William Willoughby Williams (1888-1932), 1920 where bought by Crichton Brothers; William Randolp

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