This film reconstructs a moment in the history of Conceptual art, as with much of the work of the Mexican artist, Mario Garcia Torres.

The Conceptual artist Michael Asher has presented, as an artwork, a commonplace caravan at the Sculpture Project Munster since its inception in 1977. On the 21st July 2007, the caravan disappeared, only to be discovered four days later at the edge of a forest in the outskirts of the city. Garcia Torres has proposed a fiction about these missing days, filming a 30-year-old Mercedes Benz stealing a caravan almost identical to the one used by Asher from the site where it disappeared. The result is an open-ended, fragmentary road movie that follows the meandering path of the caravan as the car pulls it through busy streets, open autobahns and quiet, rural roads before it is abandoned amidst the forests and farmlands of Westphalia. This film was presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.


The artist.

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