Tala Madani was born in Tehran and lives and works in New York and Amsterdam.

Her work combines a delight in painting with an engagement with the aesthetics of post war Conceptual art and a disconcerting use of humour. These 3 works come from the 'Manual Man' series. 1) Manual Grid, depicts the heads of hapless men peering out from the grid like petty criminals trapped in eighteenth-century stocks; 2) The man reading his Instruction Manual similarly merges with his apparatus, becoming a part of his instruction manual in another play on 'man' and 'manual' that seems to mock masculine utilitarianism (main illustration); 3) Double Head Index depicts two headless figures, revealed in their mirrored reflections to be affixed to the one body, as one man covetously subsumes himself into the larger personality of the other. Presented by the Art Fund through the Art Fund International.


The artist.

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