Jackowski has an international reputation and strong local connections through his position as Professor of Painting at Brighton University and the location of his studio in the city.

This collection of works provides an insight into the artist's practice over the last ten years. Employing a self-consciously primitivistic language typical of his most recent work, the oil painting and the etchings reveal iconic motifs from the artist's oeuvre including starkly-drawn frontal figures, domestic objects like beds and tables, and melancholically-evoked childhood toys including model trains. These motifs are represented superimposed over colour fields and bands reminiscent of American post-abstract expressionist works by Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko.The recognisable, representational objects positioned in abstract space tend to make the familiar strange. The viewer is encouraged to fall into a kind of reverie as they recognise a face, a body, a bed that is somehow unanchored from real time and space. Working within the same range of themes and motifs in his oil paintings and prints, Jackowski explores the different expressive potential and tactile qualities of the two media. The main illustration depicts 'Remembered Present'.


The artist through Purdy Hicks Gallery.

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