This collection includes a sculpture and two works on paper.

The sculpture comes from a series of small, characterful pieces formed from scraps and discarded fragments found by the artist in her studio. The playfulness and deliberately 'non-monumental' nature of this work will make a powerful statement within the grandiose architecture of the Castle's Long Gallery, where it will been seen amongst traditional historical works in bronze and stone, as well as alongside other contemporary pieces. The two drawings present the wider context of the artist's work. Drawing is integral to her practice; her ideas often emerge in one work, pause and then resurface in a later piece. Untitled: crushedshape is one of a number of drawings that explore process and the behaviour of materials, giving it a strong relationship with the sculpture Untitled: Disaster 3; whilst Untitled: Basel Structure demonstrates another thread of thought, in which Barlow gathers inspiration from the urban built environment.


The artist through Hauser & Wirth.

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