Imran Qureshi is at the centre of the contemporary miniature painting scene emerging from PakistanÂ’s National College of Art.

These two works represent two important aspects of QureshiÂ’s work. The figurative work connects with the existing collection of historic Mughal miniature painting at Bristol, as well as the portraits and watercolours made for the British market under the Raj in the nineteenth century, while commenting on identity in contemporary Pakistan. This Leprous Brightness shows QureshiÂ’s tender and heartfelt response to the vigilante mob murders of two boys in Sialkot last summer. The visual language of this nine-painting group brings together abstract, gestural mark-making in the handprints of the artist with his use of traditional Mughal flower motifs and meticulous drawing. This work was presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.


The artist.

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