Kate Malone is known is known for her bold and striking creations and her use of shapes inspired by all forms of nature.

The fennel is a new twist on her more familiar gourd shaped pieces. Perth has acquired this work to mark their commitment to contemporary collecting. Perth has a significant collection of Martinware and the museum is keen to explore the similarities between the two ceramic makers. Both are inspired by the natural world, organic forms and experiment with the idea of growth. Malone is well known for her colourful pot creations often in the shape of fruit, vegetables and fish. There are several examples of Edwin MartinÂ’s pots in the collection at Perth that personify nature in the same way including sea urchins, gourds, flowers and marine life. There are also parallels with the whimsical humour and playfulness of the pieces.


The artist.

Exhibitions at Perth Museum and Art Gallery

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