Seizure was commissioned by Artangel and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and earned the artist a nomination for the 2009 Turner Prize.

The artist encouraged the growth of an unexpected crystal form within a derelict development near the Elephant & Castle in south London. 75,000 litres of copper sulphate solution were pumped into the council flat to create a strangely beautiful and somewhat menacing crystalline growth on the walls, floor, ceiling and bath of this abandoned dwelling. After the project opened, hundreds of people made their way across the capital to this anonymous council flat near the Elephant & Castle. When the flats were due to be demolished, the Art Fund gave a grant for the work to be relocated to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The work will be presented to Yorkshire Sculpture Park by Artangel and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation through the Art Fund.


Artangel and Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Exhibitions at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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