This project was commissioned for mima and consists of five pencil drawings, a working drawing and a temporary installation of the artist's characteristic vinyl lettering on the glass façade which can be viewed until April 2012.

WeinerÂ’s wall and glass installations have been a primary medium for the artist since the 1970s and consist solely of words in a nondescript lettering painted/printed on walls. Atypically the artist agreed to return to Middlesbrough in November to install the work himself. Lawrence Weiner has been long recognised as a central figure among the founders and developers of Conceptual Art. He has defined art as 'the relationship of human beings to objects and of objects to objects in relation to human beings', and this premise constitutes the core of all of his work to date. The museum also acquired a limited edition artist's book about the project. This project was presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.


The artist.

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