The artist has presented 8 works to the British Museum to supplement the 11 works purchased by the museum earlier in 2010 through the Art Fund with assistance from the David and Liza Brown Bequest Fund.

Three prints: 1) Joyce’s Dance by Desmond Harmsworth; 2) Brancusi’s Portrait of Joyce; 3) Brancusi’s Symbol of Joyce. Five proofs: 4) Sylvia Beach and James Joyce seated inside ‘Shakespeare and Company’ bookshop) - main illustration; 5) Proof before plate cut of James Stephens, Joyce and John Sullivan in Paris, with remarques in margins; 6) Line etched early state proof before plate cut of Joyce in the 1920s; 7) The young James Joyce standing in front of glasshouse; 8) James Joyce, unique proof from a test plate with trial marks.


The artist.

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