This is part of the ‘Repressionism’ series based on the early 20th-century forger Van Meegeren’s painting of Christ intended for sale as a Vermeer.

Coventry is fascinated by the process and arrogance of the act of forgery. He is also interested in the fact that there were many forgeries of German Expressionist Emil Nolde. The artist decided to produce his own series after Van Meegeren in the colour palette and style of Nolde. Each painting in the series is monochrome representing one colour on a wider spectrum. This work is a dark purplish/blue with a slightly electric quality. The slightly cracked appearance of the frame is deliberate, creating the impression of an older work. Spectrum Jesus was the Prizewinner in the John Moores Painting Prize 2010. Like all Coventry's work, the painting both references and undermines the ideals of modernism.


The artist.

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