Faibisovich is one of the most important contemporary Russian artists dealing with the theme of urban life.

These three works were selected from the Razgulyai series, a district in Moscow occupied by homeless people and runaways, drug addicts and alcoholics. 1) 'Sick on the Way?' asks a poster promoting a cure for travel sickness, while two men nurse hangovers and a bottle of alcohol between them; 2) 'Take the Weight..' contrasts the immobility of the woman on the pavement with the movement in the street, pedestrians and traffic purposefully going somewhere else. Birmingham and Walsall art galleries are working together to build up a collection exploring the metropolis and urban environment under the Art Fund International scheme. These three works inject an element of social commentary into the collection. Together they make an unforgettable visual statement that goes beyond the immediate Russian context. Presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.


The artist.

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