10 portraits: 1) Emilia Vansittart or Emilia Parry (after Reynolds) 'Girl with a Shock Dog' (main illustration); 2) R Earlom (a.

Cotes) 'Thomas Pownall'; 3) V Green (a. Abbott) 'L.F. Abbott'; 4) CH Hodges (a. Stuart) 'Henry Grattan'; 5) SW Reynolds & T Lupton (a. W.Owen) 'Sir Vicary Gibbs'; 6) JR Smith 'Edward Jenner'; 7) JR Smith 'A Lady-in-Waiting'; 8) J Ward (a. Hoppner) 'Georgina Cottin, Lady de Tabley'; 9) J Ward (a. Northcote) 'Miss St Clair'; 10) J Young (a. Hoppner) 'George Canning'.


Collection of Martin Erdmann

Exhibitions at British Museum