Sandback created his first linear ‘sculpture’ in 1966 by creating a rectangular outline from wire, later using acrylic yarn to effect the same process, then moving on to vellum.

He used linear outlines as a way to make an object that was weightless and transparent but gave an impression of volume and materiality. In this work the vellum floats on top of the flat surface of the paper and a thin line running the length of the vellum has been cut out. The vellum is used like a stencil to draw the yellow and black pastel onto the paper beneath. The lines do not meet with the effect of creating a physical negative space in the centre of the drawing. The appearance is that there are three lines yellow, white and black however this is a perceptual illusion created by the negative space. This work was presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.


Artist's estate; David Zwirner.

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