This is a rare example of a working textile cartoon inscribed with explanatory weaving notes, possibly by the director of Edinburgh Weavers Alastair Morton.

This work was commissioned by Alastair Morton and the woven textile is a key piece within the Bowes Museum's Design Award Collection. The figure of Adam, in a naturalised environment, the use of formal abstraction and colour are all characteristic of Keith Vaughan's work. The combination of Vaughan's cartoon along with Morton's pencil inscriptions not only illustrates the collaboration of two prominent figures within the post-war art and design aesthetic but it is also a superior example of how an artist's work is planned and transposed into a Jacquard woven textile.


The Edinburgh Weavers' Collection; ? Earl of Bute's collection; Bonhams, 1999; Austin Desmond; Paul Liss Fine Art.

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