The panels were originally situated in a sash window in the lobby of Gisburn Park and then framed together possibley arranged by William Peckitt.

They are a mixture of secular and biblical scenes and were probably acquired during a Grand Tour. The panels depicting a dog on a cushion and ornamental flowers are by William Peckitt of York who was one of the most significant glass painters of the Georgian period. His York-based studio is responsible for much of the surviving eighteenth-century glass in the UK. This is the first acquisition of Peckitt's work for the Stained Glass Museum. The other panels are 3) Lady standing beside a horseman possibly Swiss or Flemish 17th century; 4) Daniel in the lion's den by an 17th century Dutch artist; 5) A Galleon flying flags with saltires which may represent Scotland; 6) Christ with two companions blessing a kneeling lady, produced in the Netherlands; 7) Early 19th century roundel with foliate design; 8) Small late 18th or early 19th century panel depicting a putto carring a hind.


TennantÂ’s auction, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, 2008; George Wigley.

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