A collection of 15 works from a collection of 17 works presented to Cheltenham Art Gallery by Arthur and Helen Grogan.

1-2, 5-6) St Anne and the Virgin; The Entombment; Mother and Child & Two Seated Woman by RA Bell; 3-4) Ludlow Church and Timber Framed House & His own house in Glebe Place (Philip Webb) from garden by GP Boyce; 7) Frieze of 7 tiles by Harold Rathbone by Della Robbia; 8) Large Wedgwood dish painted in the Iznik style; 9-11) 2 light sconces & plaque embossed with fish; 12-13) Large bowl with turquoise glaze & high fired baluster vase by John Ruskin; 14-15) Charger decorated with a peacok & 'tondino' decorated with birds by William de Morgan and painted by Charles Passenger.


Arthur and Helen Grogan.

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