The sitter is a physician of high standing as shown by the inclusion of books by authors such as Hippocrates.

His identity is currently unknown but he could be either Dr John Bathurst (?1600 - 1675) or Dr Lewin Fludd (?1612 - 1678). Bathurst became a Fellow of the College in 1637 (the date of the portrait). He was best known as Oliver Cromwell's physician, and was a friend of the artist, William Harvey. Lewin Fludd was the nephew of the eminent Dr Robert Fludd, a Fellow and Censor of the College. Robert Fludd was a philosopher and a supporter of the use of Paracelsian medicine. This work joins the college's unrivalled collection of medical portraits which provide a fascinating record of the most eminent figures in the history of British medicine from the 16th century.


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