Twilight is an installation with 2 sets of wires suspended diagonally across a room.

A single light bulb travels from one side to the other dimming to darkness as it travels. The bulb's journey is accompanied by a piece of music composed for the glass harmonica that begins as the bulb descends in full light and ends when the light is extinguished. As the bulb descends, notes from the harmonica are transferred electronically, one by one, from one side of the room to other. The music was recorded during the original installation and live performance of the composition at firstsite @ the minories art gallery in Colchester. Twilight is part of a project called Light Music commissioned by the University of Essex in 2006. The artists have recently donated another part of the project, Singers' Room, to the collection. The Art Fund has helped the two constituent pieces of the project to be reunited where they were first created.

Artists include


The artist.

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