1) Hamada was noted for his thrown wares, which, though always functional, epitomised elegance and simplicity.

This pot is decorated with a design of grasses, depicted in a few lines, which capture perfectly the flow of their natural movement; 2) The pot by Bernard Leach is an important piece in the history of his oeuvre. The 'Tree of Life' motif was one of his favourite designs; 3) This salad bowl exemplifies Coper and Rie working together to produce a functional piece of stoneware that epitomises classic Modernism in its spare, minimalist form, and its simple fitness for purpose. Together these 3 works represent classic pieces by four outstandingly important makers of the 20th century. Between them they tell a vital part of the story of the origins of studio pottery.


1) St Ives Gallery, 1950; by descent to vendor; 2) Leach's gallery, St Ives; by descent to vendor; 3) Heals department store; by descent to vendor.

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