The vessel is made from hand raised silver.

Max Warren is interested in creating a tension between natural structures and fundamental geometric forms. This is one of two pieces of metalwork donated by The Goodisons through the Art Fund which were originally purchased from the Bishopsland Education Trust. This was set up in 1993 as a postgraduate course which assists talented silversmiths and jewellers to make the transition from student to professional by providing workshops and training for one year. Max Warren was there in 2006-7. This work is carefully balanced so that when put down on a smooth surface it rolls around for a while before finding its equilibrium on a tiny base. Its snowball-like surface was produced by ‘white-baking’, which involves repeated annealing and cleaning of the surface with an acid solution known as ‘pickle’. Extract of an article in the 2007 Art Fund Review written by Martin Ellis.


Bishopsland Educational Trust; Nicholas and Judith Goodison.

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