Acquisition grants: Statement of public benefit

The Art Fund actively promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of art by helping museums and galleries acquire and share great works of art. We do this through raising funds to buy and exhibit works of art and placing gifts of art in museums and galleries; by encouraging people to make the most of museums; and by supporting the museums’ sector and public policy in ways which furthers these aims.

Through these activities, we serve a range of beneficiaries, including:

  • most immediately, the museums and galleries that receive our funding to buy and show art;
  • the museum-visiting public, which has the opportunity to experience important works of art that in most cases were previously inaccessible, and enjoy an enhanced understanding and appreciation of art;
  • curators and scholars, through developing skills and gaining a deeper understanding of art and art history;
  • particular communities targeted by the individual museums and galleries we support;
  • the museums, galleries and visual arts sector more broadly, including living artists;
  • future generations.

Any grant we give, gift or bequest we place, or programme we support must have a positive impact on some or all of these audiences. The Art Fund prioritises works of art that are of great art historical importance or artistic interest; of international, national or regional significance; and that, through acquisition and exhibition, will benefit the public.

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